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What are the different components of a chenille patch?

A basic chenille patch consists of 4 different components, which include the chenille, attaching chain, top felt and bottom felt. The chenille is actually the name of the yarn that is used to create the “puffy” 3D effect. This would be the inner white portion on the FFA patch below. The attaching chain is used to attached both layers of felt together. The inner red outline in the picture below would be the attaching chain. The felt layers are denser and help to make the patch less flimsy. Most patches have two layers of felt: the top and the bottom. In the picture below, the white felt would be the top felt and the red would be the bottom felt.

When designing your order, you can change all of these different components to find the design that works best for you.

What do your measurements mean?

For the size, we measure from the top of the chenille to the bottom of the chenille, not the entire patch. Each layer of felt adds about ½ inch to the overall size of the patch. So, for example, if you wanted the entire patch to be 4 inches and you are wanting both the bottom and top felt, then you would need to order a 3-inch patch because this is only the measurement of the chenille portion.

What size patch do I need?

A majority of these types of patches are used for varsity jackets. A typical chest patch (letter, mascot.) would range from either a 4-inch patch to a 6-inch patch. A sleeve patch can range from 3 inches to 6 inches. The typical maximum size for a batch patch is around 12 inches.

Where are your patches made?

All of our chenille patches and logos are manufactured at our facility in Van Wert, Ohio.